Ecowoods Agrotourism

EcoWoods an eco-resort promoting ''agro-tourism''. Nestled in 28 acres of afforested land and organic farms it is a perfect blend of comfort and adventure, providing a splendid get-away for the exuberant camper and the reposing traveler-alike.Take a break and unwind with nature in an atmosphere of peace and tranquility, where every person has his privacy amidst lush greenery, farms and orchards. 

'ECOWOODS AGROTOURISM' developed with lots of love and dedication. The idea to develop this farm was to provide people with a place where they may have all this at once - peace and relaxation from the city life! Our menu offers both, vegetarians and non-vegetarian food, to be self-cooked on semi-desi chullhas with local spices. Weekenders! We encourage you to bring your friends and families to enjoy all this. We have increased the Guests quota already! Now consider – why not support agrotourism while having fun...

camp site

Spend your weekends with nature, barbeque, dinner, village life and more....

Retreat is not bad when it’s from city’s chorus and monotonous life to dive in to the motherly lap of Nature. Let us agree for a retreat to enjoy living with nature under the wide open sky, be able to see horizons, cook for ourselves in a village with local spices, rest in shades of trees, walk across fields, and enjoy natural beauty with lovely scenery and much more!!