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Spend your weekends with nature, barbeque, dinner, village life and more....

Retreat is not bad when it’s from city’s chorus and monotonous life to dive in to the motherly lap of Nature. Let us agree for a retreat to enjoy living with nature under the wide open sky, be able to see horizons, cook for ourselves in a village with local spices, rest in shades of trees, walk across fields, and enjoy natural beauty with lovely scenery and much more!! 
EcoWoods- An array of adventurous activities awaits you, the most favored ones being Camping / Parallel walk / Nature trail / Mountain biking or just laze around under trees or scattered hammocks. On the other hand to experience our rustic side you can jump in for bullock cart rides / organic farm tours / pottery workshop / fishing. 
For nostalgia we have facilities for games such as Spinning top or Lattu /  Gilli –Danda /  Satoliya or Lagori / Chupa-chupi / Tug of war / Cricket / Volley ball / Carom / Cards. Try your skills on Photography, Shootings and many interesting things which you would explore.[Adventure Zone : Commando Net / Burma Bridge / Tyre Swings / Horizontal Net / Rope Ladder / Archery / Rifle Shooting]

''DePtH Of EcOwOoDs''

EA provides an opportunity to experience the outdoors with agricultural comfort. It’s a fusion between farmhouse and jungle village living with necessary homely comforts. Explore agricultural life & experience this turning point in your life • Fresh home cooked Maharashtrian cuisine is served • Guests are encouraged to get involved in agricultural activities such as ploughing, harrowing, sowing, cutting, winnowing, Bullock-cart riding, Cleaning of cow sheds, Feeding animals, milking cows, planting trees • Organic veggies n fruits to explore • Guests also have option of activities such as playing traditional games such as Ningorcha, Vitti Dandu, Bhovara, Lagoori, Tug-of-war, Sack race and creation of agricultural tools by hand is organized • Recommended option for experiential getaway seeker and those looking to experience the real India • Excursions and trekking around the area can be organised • Plan your trip explore the nature!!!


  • Kindly provide us your Arrival & Departure Time. Check in time- 9:00 am & Check out time 5:00 pm [same day] & Check out time 11:00am [next day]
  • Only FIRST AID would be provided at ECOWOODS, charges for Doctor on Call facility to be borne by the customers. Kindly inform ECOWOODS Management in advance in case you are planning any activity, so necessary arrangements can be made accordingly. ECOWOODS Management is not responsible for any accidents on site due to any reasons.
  • In case any breakages or loss to the Property of ECOWOODS occurs, charges would be levied on the customers. It is implied that when booking is made, you have accepted the terms and conditions and will abide by the same. Person who is booking will be considered as an authorized signatory of the particular.
  • ECOWOODS is a private property; management reserves the right of admission.
  • Pet owner is responsible for any and all damages to the premises caused by the pet, including urine, chewing, scratching or destruction of property. Pet owner will have to pay for the damages before checking out. Pet owner must carry bed linen (bed sheets & pillows), so that the pet does not destroy or dirty around.
  • Always carry your pet's vaccination certificate when staying at our ECOWOODS. Management may ask for the certificate to ensure the safety of other Visitors. Pet owner is responsible for the safety of his/her pet(s). ECOWOODS Management cannot be held responsible for the same. Kindly avoid bringing a furious dog/pet along, when on holiday. Pet owners should ensure that their pets are not roaming around the place freely. Pets should be controlled/tied with a chain/belt in the best manner, so as to maintain the safety of the other guests. Visitor will have to accommodate his/her pet in the cottage/tent itself (inside/outside). Meals for Pets are excluded from above rates.
  • We operate strictly on Advance Booking only.