''EcOwOoDs AgRoToUrIsM''

          EcoWoods an eco-resort promoting ''agro-tourism''. Nestled in 28 acres of afforested land and organic farms it is a perfect blend of comfort and adventure, providing a splendid get-away for the exuberant camper and the reposing traveler-alike.Take a break and unwind with nature in an atmosphere of peace and tranquility, where every person has his privacy amidst lush greenery, farms and orchards. 
          Ideal for day picnics, kid-camping and family weekends. Take a moment from your hectic schedule and spend some quality time or for that matter even“Me Time”. Take walks in the peace and tranquility of nature, something that all of us do not get in the busy city world
It is our belief that tourism should be eco-friendly and are committed to minimize adverse impact on the environment.  Our practices do notoveruse resources and compromise future generations’ ability to survive.We practice “agroforestry” and organic farming because we believe these are methods that support a healthy and more sustainable land-use system. Our eco-friendly initiatives include the planting of hundreds of trees in a small effort to maintain the ecological balance. 
Our nature Initiatives include: Agroforestry / Organic chemical-free Farming / Maintaining Orchards and Medicinal Gardens. Today’s youth needs to be made aware of the importance of nature and to be equipped with the knowledge to preserve it. Keeping this in mind we have designed an awareness program “Eco-Intelligence Program”. 

[EcoWoods is pet-friendlyPets with well-behaved owners are welcome.We got things for your pets to do as well]

‘’Ecowoods Agrotourism’’ is an unique combination of agritourism, eco-tourism & rural tourism located at Palghar[E] [100kms] 2 hours drive from Mumbai!!!